Nicolene Filmalter – Creation By God – MP3 Audio

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01. Introduction, Science Defined & The 'Big Bang’ Nicolene Filmalter32.68 MB Download
02. Mutations, Natural Selection & The Created Kind Nicolene Filmalter29.62 MB Download
03. Young Or Old Earth? Sedimentary Strata & Fossils Nicolene Filmalter39.02 MB Download
04. The Biblical Flood And The Effect Thereof Nicolene Filmalter27.35 MB Download
05. Logistics Of The Ark And After The Flood Nicolene Filmalter22.25 MB Download
06. Dinosaurs Nicolene Filmalter41.83 MB Download
07. Human Evolution - Really? Nicolene Filmalter52.02 MB Download
08. Radiometric Dating Nicolene Filmalter36.65 MB Download
09. Intelligent Design Nicolene Filmalter47.63 MB Download
10. Confronted By Truth Walter Veith & Nicolene Filmalter19.04 MB Download